Learning Systems 

Having the right learning systems in place for your organization can help save on training costs, strengthen your team by standardizing learning experiences and organizational knowledge, and provide you a tool for assessing performance.




We build custom learning applications for whatever business needs you may have that can be deployed through a computer on a modern web browser or through an app on your mobile device such as an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone.



[h3]Flexible Implementation[/h3]


Training materials, lessons, and courses can be organized, designed, and deployed in different ways. We can help develop training materials that employ a wide range of engaging materials such as videos, audio, text and images, and even games. For monitoring, learner progress at each stage of the lesson can be tracked and certificates can be issued to prove course completion.


[h3]Testing and Metrics[/h3]


Test learner comprehension with question types such as multiple choice, fill-in the blanks, sorting, and other formats. Put a time limit, track statistics by individual user or by question, and employ rich media within the tests themselves to enhance learners’ experiences.


Small Business Solutions

Small business intelligence solutions involve the use of web-connected database systems that can help track different parts of your business such as order and inventory tracking, organization member profiles, customer management, or training and evaluation systems.


[h3]Simple and Elegant[/h3]


We think about design a lot. We know that providing a powerful and complex application is not particularly useful if it does not connect with its users. We design and develop our business applications with the goal of simplifying the experience so that instead of struggling with the technology, you’re focused on the business that matters to you.





Access to timely and accurate information is critical for any business to stay on top of it’s game. Our solutions maximize the Internet capabilities of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and combine these with the power and flexibility of online applications and databases in order to deliver updated business information delivered instantly to those who need it.


[h3]Scalable Solutions[/h3]


Each business is unique in its needs. For small businesses, maximizing limited resources is critical for sustainable growth. We can help build flexible systems that start as small or as large as you want them to be, then scale and evolve as your business does.


About Us

teamWe’re a small team of Filipino professionals with backgrounds spanning engineering, IT, law, graphic design, and creative writing.

Our goal is to deliver reliable and creative technology solutions geared towards solving education and small business challenges at affordable prices.

We use technology tools that are financially accessible yet powerful and flexible enough to meet our customers’ requirements so that as they grow, so do the tools that they use.


Some Past Projects

We started out as a web design company and we’ve been building websites for over a decade. Here are some of our past projects: